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Libre by Nexus To Stop Using Body Affixed GPS Devices And Will Reapportion GPS Costs To ...

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 02:03:25 PM
The fact that we are reapportioning our budget for GPS devices to provide free healthcare for our participants is an incredible testament to the memory ...

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Your View: Pennsylvania Republicans could shoot themselves in foot on redistricting

Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 12:56:15 PM
The writer asserts the Pennsylvania Republican Party should join the effort to establish a nonpartisan redistricting commission now, because the ...

Our Turn: Smithfield Township adopts resolution to end gerrymandering

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 10:41:15 PM
... (3-0) adopted a resolution seeking to end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania by supporting legislation calling for nonpartisan redistricting reform.

Crowd marches in Columbia to protest police brutality, death of George Floyd

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 08:27:13 PM
The only time [Howard County residents] organized a protest [like this] was when the redistricting protest happened,” she said, referring to the ...

Community Bids Farewell To CCPS Superindent Gemmill

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 04:25:26 PM
She says Gemmill took on the task of redistricting when she first became the superintendent and has helped develop programs. Audio Player.

Virginia congressional delegation urges Secretary Ross to give Virginia priority on redistricting data

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 03:56:15 AM
“We request that the Department of Commerce and the Census Bureau work directly with Virginia and prioritize delivery of redistricting data to Virginia so ...

Census hits milestone as states worry about deadline switch

Monday June 1st, 2020 08:13:08 PM
... from the end of July to the end of October and led the agency to ask Congress for delays in turning over reapportionment and redistricting data.