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COVID and Upstate New York's Census Response: “It's a Mixed Bag”

Saturday September 26th, 2020 12:11:15 AM
Her ruling also extends the statutory deadline for congressional reapportionment past the current December 31, 2020 deadline. But according to ...

Open forum: It is Time to Amend the Revised Organic Act

Friday September 25th, 2020 10:52:30 PM
Like the reapportionment initiative, it was poorly conceived and written according to the personal agenda of a few “elite” Virgin Islanders. The ROA has ...

(a) Define congressional reapportionment and explain one reason why it is important to states

Friday September 25th, 2020 06:39:24 PM
(a) Define congressional reapportionment and explain one reason why it is important to states. Add answer. Log in to add comment. Vmbar is waiting ...

Ruling Against Shortening Count Adds to Questions Raised About Census

Friday September 25th, 2020 08:28:09 AM
The Census Bureau traditionally produces the formulas for reapportionment itself, but this time, two sets of figures — a population count and an ...

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Two Constitutional Amendments on the Virginia ballot this year

Saturday September 26th, 2020 05:48:45 PM
Should the Constitution of Virginia be amended to establish a redistricting commission,. consisting of eight members of the General Assembly and ...

The Trump administration is challenging a court ruling that prevents it from ending the census early

Saturday September 26th, 2020 03:45:00 PM
The stakes of the census are high: Not only does it dictate representation in Congress and redistricting, but it also determines federal funding levels for ...

Op/Ed: Gerrymandering, who it affects and what you can do

Saturday September 26th, 2020 01:30:00 PM
There is still a significant amount of work to be done to elect a fair and independent redistricting commission to draw the state's electoral maps for the ...

Marijuana, veterans, redistricting on NJ ballots in the 2020 election

Saturday September 26th, 2020 09:00:00 AM
Marijuana, veterans, redistricting on NJ ballots in the 2020 election. Mike Deak. Bridgewater Courier News. If 2020's endless bickering over politics ...

The adverse effect of malapportionment on Belize's democracy and development

Saturday September 26th, 2020 06:00:00 AM
My article in last week's Amandala entitled, “Belize's Constitutional Requirement for Electoral Redistricting Can and Must Be Done” made reference to ...

Votes cast in November will shape Congress through 2030

Saturday September 26th, 2020 04:30:00 AM
Six others have an independent commission do the redistricting. In three states, the legislature draws the boundaries, but a commission takes over if ...

Opinion: Commentary: Vote No on Constitutional Amendment

Saturday September 26th, 2020 02:48:45 AM
For many of our constituents, ensuring independent and nonpartisan redistricting was a key issue of the last election. As absentee voting has begun in ...

Amendment 3 asks Missouri voters for do-over on Clean Missouri measure

Friday September 25th, 2020 10:18:45 PM
the state's use of a nonpartisan state demographer for legislative redistricting,; the existing criteria used to draw legislative districts, and; the existing ...

NYS Senate 50th District match-up: Long-time science teacher vs. woman business owner

Friday September 25th, 2020 09:43:46 PM
Because of redistricting over the years, the landscape and numbering for this area of Central New York have changed. However, if Renna wins in ...

Apply For County's Commission On Redistricting By Oct. 26

Friday September 25th, 2020 09:00:00 PM
SILVER SPRING, MD — The Montgomery County Council is seeking applicants for its Commission on Redistricting. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on ...

At halfway point, applicants for redistricting commissions are meager, lack diversity

Friday September 25th, 2020 07:41:15 PM
Colorado began accepting applications in early August for the state's newly-voter-approved independent redistricting commissions, but the responses ...

Census Extended Through October, For Now; Trump Admin Could Appeal to SCOTUS

Friday September 25th, 2020 07:18:45 PM
What the decision did not address directly was the date by which redistricting data needs to be delivered the states. “The expectation now, is, that this ...

Want to fix the city? Start with a ward remap.

Friday September 25th, 2020 07:18:45 PM
Not just congressional—state Senate and state House redistricting. Next year, every county and municipal government in the state also will need to ...

Don't Be Fooled by Amendment 3

Friday September 25th, 2020 06:22:30 PM
The primary focus of Amendment 3 is redistricting — redrawing Missouri's voting district maps — something that needs to be done fairly and without ...

Census ruling might have unintended consequences for Illinois

Friday September 25th, 2020 05:54:37 PM
Redistricting data would be reported to the states by July 31, 2021. [Emphasis added.] * This is just a stay, but if that July 31st redistricting data reporting ...

Four questions to a better life

Friday September 25th, 2020 05:39:19 PM
Help assure that redistricting is fair and transparent. Sheri St. Clair, Lincoln. League of Women Voters. Stark choice this election. Do you love ...

Redistricting Reform Bill Moved to Senate Floor

Friday September 25th, 2020 05:26:15 PM
The two bills together comprise the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act (LACRA) which mandates transparency and encourages public ...

NC Sen. Marcus faces 3rd party candidate this election

Friday September 25th, 2020 04:45:48 PM
... Mecklenburg County say the reluctance of a candidate to run was due to redistricting, but they also agree that the party should have found someone.

Random Drawing of Redistricting Commissioners Moves Up One Week to October 13

Friday September 25th, 2020 03:45:45 PM
Nearly 200 residents of Santa Barbara County applied to serve on the County of Santa Barbara Citizens' Independent Redistricting Commission.

People's Maps Commission Seeking Public Comment On Redistricting Maps

Friday September 25th, 2020 03:38:06 PM
The focus of the hearing will be Wisconsin's Eighth Congressional District and highlight redistricting basics including why redistricting matters and how ...